General Info

There are two ways to view your transaction history: by one account or by all accounts. Regardless of your chosen view you will be able to see full transaction details, when they happened and to what account. Learn more about transactions below:



Can I search for specific transactions?
Absolutely! SchoolsOnline has a very detailed search feature. When viewing your transactions, you see the search bar at the top of the page. If you click on “How Do I Search?” a very detailed explanation of what you can search for and how to do it expands underneath. Just to cite a few examples, you can search by date, time frame (e.g., the last three months), exact amount, amount range, merchant or category. You can even combine criteria (e.g., Raley’s transactions in February 2013).

Can I view transactions one account at a time? How can I view them all at once?
There are two ways to view your transactions in SchoolsOnline. If you’d like to see all transactions in all accounts listed side by side, there is a submenu under Accounts called Transactions. Click it, and you’ll be taken to a page that says Transaction History – All Accounts. If you’d like to limit your view to just one account, click the name of that account in the Account Summary.

Can I see pending transactions?
Yes, you can see pending signature and PIN authorizations in your transaction history.

Can I change a transaction’s category?
Yes, just click on the edit icon next to the transaction. From there you can flag it, add a note or change the category. But keep in mind, changing the category this way will NOT change all other similar transactions, or all upcoming similar transactions. This is accomplished by editing the Keyword Rules of the category itself. More information on that process can be found here.

What is a Note?
You can add your own personal information and details to a transaction by using Notes. Keep in mind, your notes will only be seen by you. Schools employees won’t have access to them if you have a question about a transaction.

How do I add a Note?
Click the edit icon next to the transaction.

What is a Flag?
Flags are another way for you to organize your transactions. If you click the edit icon next to a transaction you see you have the option to assign a Flag to a transaction. This is helpful if, for example, you want to go through your transactions and view only those that took place while you were on vacation. Assign the same color Flag to each one. You can then view only those transactions by clicking on the Flag in the transaction history.

What if there is an incorrect logo attached to my transaction?
This could be because something in your transaction’s details triggered the system to show a particular merchant. Logos are displayed when certain keywords show up in your transaction’s details. If you see an incorrect logo, it is important to note that your account will not be negatively affected. We can remedy it for you. Contact us using the Message system and tell us what you see.

What if I don’t want the merchant logos displayed?
You can turn the Detail view (all logos, all transaction details visible) off by clicking Options. When it is unselected, none of those things appear.

What if I have a question about a particular transaction?
There is a Message icon (the envelope) next to every transaction. If you have a question about a particular transaction, click the envelope next to it and a new Message will appear. The Message will be prepopulated with details on the particular transaction in question. Add any information you’d like, and then click Send.

How do I view a check or print a copy of a check?
Click on View Check in the transaction description and a new window opens.  You can print a copy of the check directly from that window. Do not click the check image in the merchant column to view the check. 

What is a manually added transaction?
Add Transaction lets you manually add a transaction to an account for any upcoming transactions. Give it a date, description and amount and it will appear in your transaction history. It is important to note that manually added transactions do not appear in our system. They are meant only for your account balancing purposes.

How do I delete a manually added transaction?
Click on it, and select delete. It is important to note: You must delete manually added transactions yourself. These transactions will NOT automatically disappear from your transaction history once the actual transaction registers.