Personal Loans

We have the right loan just for you.

Personal Loan

It’s your loan. Make it what you want. Make it your wedding loan. A backyard loan. Your vacation loan. Your debt consolidation loan. An in-case-something-happens loan. Our Personal Loan gives you the freedom to borrow for just about anything.

The Schools Personal Loan offers a low, fixed rate with a one-time lump sum — up to $25,000 — at funding that is repaid over a predetermined time up to 60 months.

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Line of Credit

If you want flexibility and convenience, a Line of Credit is a great option. A Line of Credit is similar to a credit card. Upon approval, a credit limit will be determined and available for use. Use your Line of Credit as you need it, pay down the balance and use it again. No collateral is needed. You can also use your Line of Credit as overdraft protection for your Schools Checking account to avoid fees in the event you accidentally overdraw your account. You get peace of mind and pay fewer fees, too. Your Line of Credit is available through personalized checks or by transfer to your checking account.

Secured Loan

If you’re beginning to establish credit, or need to rebuild and strengthen your credit, a secured loan is for you. A secured loan allows you to borrow at a great, low rate using either the funds in your savings account or your certificate (80% of face value) as collateral.

Computer Loan

When the cost of a new computer seems too high, turn to your Credit Union. Computer loan financing covers 100% of the purchase of new computers, printers, scanners, tablets and software.