Trouble Downloading to Your Personal Finance Software?

If you use personal finance software to download your account transactions, such as Quicken, Banktivity, Mint, QuickBooks, Moneydance, Dash or Yodlee, to name a few, please make sure you update your software with the new SchoolsOnline URL ( and any changes to your username and/or password.

If you would like to manually download your transactions, sign in to your account and follow these easy steps:

1. Select History in the left-hand menu.



2. At the top of your screen, use the dropdown arrow to choose the share or loan you wish to export transaction data from.

Banking for Everyone Savings


3. Click the Export link on the right side of the Transaction History view.



4. Select one of the three available file extension options: CSV, Excel or OFX.

CSV, Excel, OFX


5. Choose the location on your computer or device to save the file.


6. Follow the software's instructions to import the file into your personal financial management software.

If you experience any issues with your personal software management software, please contact your software's support services.