Safety at the ATM

Safety at the ATM

Your Credit Union wants you to feel safe when you’re using an ATM. By observing these safety practices, you can help protect your personal safety and financial privacy when using an ATM.

  • Have your card and transactions ready to go before approaching an ATM.

  • Be aware of your surroundings, scanning the area for anyone or anything unusual. If you observe anything suspicious, do not use the ATM, or cancel your transaction immediately.

  • If you are using the ATM at night, go with another person and park close to the ATM in a well-lit area.

  • Protect the view of your PIN when entering it at the ATM.

  • At the drive-up ATM, keep your doors locked and the car running while completing a transaction.

  • Always take your card and receipt after completing a transaction.

  • Immediately tuck retrieved cash out of view.